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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. right now on nbc 10 news at 6:00, threatening weather is heading our way. heavy rain could lead to flooding. you can see the storms approaching on nbc 10 first alert weather radar. good evening, i'm keith jones. this is all the remnants of tropical storm bill and now it's our turn. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is all over it. michelle, when we will see the worst of this? >> we'll see the worst of it overnight. scattered stuff out ahead of bill or what is left over of bill and then that heavy stuff moving overnight. because of that we have a flood watch posted for 8:00 p.m. this evening. you can see every county here painted in this green color.
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now, right now on radar you can see we're tracking scattered showers and even some thunderstorms south of philadelphia. this is out ahead of this system and then we'll really see that heavy rain takeover overnight. zooming in a little closer here. i do want to mention severe thunderstorm warning and parts of kent county until 6:15. you see the darker shading here the reds oranges, indicating where we are seeing heavy downpours and any shower has the ability to drop a lot of rain in a short amount of time. pretty much like a sponge just squeezing out that moisture. temperatures warm it's humid. especially south of philadelphia. 70 in allentown and 80 in lancaster. 62 in mount pocono, quite a difference difference. 79 in wildwood. most of the humidity is south of philadelphia we'll see this creep up overnight and then everyone has the potential for seeing drenching storms overnight. if you're going out tonight, bring the umbrella. you're sure to see thea shower. by 9:00, 77.
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still warm. by 9:00 we're looking at 76 and heavy rain falling in the city. what we expect for your father's day forecast and that's all straight ahead. >> always remember nbc 10 and the nbc 10 news app. everything you need to stay on top of the approaching storm. visit us online or tap on the app for instant updates throughout the night. all right, i want you to take a look at this. a viewer shot this video. an oil truck caught fire shutting down the p.a. turnpike in one direction for hours. we just learned the truck was halling about 2,700 gallons of home heating oil when it eerupted at:00 a.m. it could take days to clean up that oil. and firefighters had their hands full in bensalem as well. a tractor trailer carrying copy paper and office supplies went over a barrier and caught fire. it happened around 3:30 this morning in the bensalem
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interchange. this prompted part of street road to be shut down. as you can see, it's back open. the truck was traveling too fast. the driver suffered minor injuries. no arrests yet in this deadly shooting of a man in his 50s. nbc 10 was on the scene. this is leonard street in the frankfort city of philadelphia. the victim was shot in the stomach and leg around 2:00 this morning. they took him to the hospital where he later died. now to the latest on the church massacre in charleston. tonight, we're learning more about the accused killer. a website registered in his name includes photos of dylann roof and a racially charged rant. he is holding a confederate battle flag and a gloc 45 automatic pistol. the writer said he chose charleston because of its historical significance and wasn't finished there. the writer continued saying since no one was doing anything but talking on the internet someone would have to be brave
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enough to take action in the real world. nbc 10 monique braxton is at mother bethel church despite the hate that came from the accused killer, a lot of forgiveness this weekend. >> that's right, keith. you know we reached out to several ame churches across the city to find out how they're preparing for tomorrow's sunday services. one minister told me he's going to speak to the spiritual strength of men on father's day. but here at mother bethel, i was told, he is going to speak to forgiveness through mourning. >> this is just something that we thought we needed to do to really just stand in solidarity with that congregation. our heart aches for them. they are really like an extension of us. it feels like we have lost our own members. >> reporter: he watched as the black cloth was hung for the nine people ambushed inside eemmanuel ame in charleston south carolina. tyler says before the massacre on wednesday night, this symbolic bunting may have been
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reserved for deceased bishops of the church. >> god forgives you. >> remarkable messages of forgiveness from the relatives of those killed. when the alleged gunman appeared in court, share the biblical story of joseph on sunday. >> for these people to stand and say less than 48 hours later, i forgive you. i tell you, it is just. i'm struggling like a lot of people. so that text deals with joseph's dealing with forgiving his brothers. >> reporter: we also talked about security measures. here where most find refuge but now may be frightened. >> we're in a neighborhood where anybody can walk through the doors. so we've always taken it serious. we'll pay more attention to it right now. but i think at the end of the day, we don't want to let fear drive us. >> reporter: other churches across the city are planning
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vigils and fund-raisers. you can find that information on our website live now in society hill monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. ahead on nbc "nightly news" at 5:30 learn more about dylann roof and the possible motives for the murders. new at 6:00 pico was scallcalled out to the scene of an accident in rocksboro this morning. it hit a telephone pole. pulled down wires on parker avenue and the driver claims his brakes failed and he was treated for cuts and bruises. talk about traffic. a number of center city roads are back open tonight after being shut down for most of the day. it was all because of this right here. a helicopter moving supplies to the roof of the old pnb bank building where construction work is under way. extended to chestnut street to
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the south and jfk boulevard to the north. how about this? turns out the two escaped prisoners may be near pennsylvania. new york state police confirm there was a sighting in new york. david sweat and richard matt used power tools to break out of the prison two weeks ago. two men fitting the convicts' description were spotted near friendship, new york. a search under way. we'll keep you updated to any new developments that we learn. also officials placed a correction's officer on administrateive leave as part of the investigation. another prison worker accused of smuggling tools to the convicts has already been charged with helping the inmates escape. the cause of a house fire in delaware county remains under investigation tonight. the fire started around 6:45 this morning on valley more road in springfield. crews headed out in about an hour. a woman inside that house managed to get out safely. turning now to decision 2016. a northeast republican
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leadership confruns cameerence came to a close in philadelphia today. featured a number of high-profile speakers including governor chris christie karl rove and carly fiorina and today attend attend attendees had lunch with scott walker. he came away with more than 25% of the vote. you see it there on your screen. he was followed by chris christie mark eoco rubio. all those with the exception of governor christie have joined the run for the white house. a dozen candidates vying for the gop nomination. for the democrats on the other side, four declared candidates. former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, martin o'malley and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee. still ahead, some very good news for a little girl who is an inspiration in her fight against cancer. see what's next for leah still.
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you won't want to miss this here. huge surprise for a man who fought for our country. what he was given that will make his life a whole lot easier. all right. we're tracking some scattered showers in our area even a thunderstorm in parts of delaware. but look back to the west lots of lightning. lots of moisture. we are tracking heavy rain for your overnight hours. we'll do that straight ahead.
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you're going to love this. i know i did. leah still is going home! the 5-year-old daughter of cincinnati bengals devon still has been at children's hospital in philadelphia for several weeks now undergoing stem cell therapy for her cancer. yesterday, you can still hear her right now. she got great news and her father posted this video eto
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instagram. what an awesome gift there, especially right before father's day. by the way, some good news for working dads in our area. a new study shows new jersey is among the top five states for working dads. finance website wallethub based its results on work-life balance, health conditions and child raring conditions in each state. delaware ranked 11th and pennsylvania stands number 16 on the list. the pope's visit to philadelphia is drawing closer and closer. a group of local leaders will head tarome tomorrow to finish making their plans. chris cato is in rome waiting for the arrival. >> here we are on the ground in rome. behind us is the entrance of the first century bc part of a massive estate owned by julius caesar the delegation from philadelphia that suriving monday morning and they're staying at a hotel down the street. behind us is vatican city and that's where this delegation is
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focused. trying to button up last-minute details for the world meeting of families. a week full of meetings planned. we won't know their specific itinerary until tomorrow. one of their objectives is not a personal audience with pope francis. this time it is all about finalizing some details for the world meeting of families. tomorrow, we will also find out exactly who is on this delegation from philadelphia. we know mayor michael nutter is coming and the archbishop is coming and we will see this list of about 30 people leaders from all aspects of the community. we'll learn that tomorrow as well. we're on the ground here ready for their arrival and ready to bring you reports throughout the day starting tomorrow and all through the week on the delegation's visit to rome. reporting from rome chris cato nbc 10 news. keeping the little ones safe. some help for local parents who want to make sure they're prepared if the worst happens. all right, we are tracking some scattered showers right now now. even some thunderstorms back to the worst.
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heavy rain that could move through overnight. could bring us the potential for some flooding. i'll have your details straight ahead.
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rain is a big concern tonight for most of our area. listen to this there could be enough to cause flooding problems. nbc 10 true smith is live along the creek. i know that's an area that the floods frequent. >> that's why these neighbors pay close attention when there is a flood watch. we saw people heading into the stores picking up supplies before the rain starts falling all because of what's underneath this bridge over here. that's the darby creek that floods a lot. it had a lot of problems in the past. in other parts of our region already been a bad week of flooding. video from the lehigh valley when rain came down quickly monday and washed out some roads and put cars under water and flooded basement. tonight, forecasted rain is
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especially important for people who live near creeks. we talk would neighbors already watching the storm clouds rolling in. they talked about how conditions can change in an instant putting homes and cars at risk. >> behind me it looks like a big pond. >> and ritzs it's quick. >> it comes up very fast. pretty much comes up really bad. >> i talked with some emergency workers, as well. they know about this flood watch. they're going to be keeping an eye on conditions and helping out anybody as needed. overnight they take this time to remind people if you see flood waters it's not smart to ride into them. it could be quite dangerous. live in darby, i'm drew smith. here's a live picture, by the way of the schuylkill river walk. the river already seems high and now we're in for a lot of rain right, michelle? >> that's right. heavy rain overnight. the good news is we're not really concerned about rivers it's streams and also creeks.
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otherwise we're looking at heavy rain moving in overnight. a first alert weather day because we have a flood watch that will be issued at 8:00 p.m. through sunday evening. the flood watch for the am tire viewing area. heavy rain overnight and tropical-like downpours. you'll hear the rain on the roof and 84 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's gloomy outside. scattered showers across the area. very scattered at this point, but you can see back to the west we're tracking some pretty heavy rain that will impact our overnight hours. here's a glimpse of what we're looking at here. gloom ey as you head out on your saturday evening. bring your umbrella you'll need it. temperatures we are warm and humid right now. 84 in philadelphia. 70 in allentown and 80 degrees in lancaster. looking at temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. 80 in millville and that will help bring that moisture in. taking a closer look at a storm falling right now in parts of delaware. this is the northern and central delaware. so just south of middleton.
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smyrna north and we're seeing lightning and thunder and heavy downpours and back to the west with what once was tropical storm bill. this will mover through overnight and that will bring us the potential for some flooding. future weather as we go throughout time here. i stop this clock right around 10:00. looking at rain back to the west starting mainly north and west of philadelphia. then by midnight 11:00, 12:00, a lot of us still out at that point. heavy rain through philadelphia and then scoots off to the east. by 2:00 a.m. hearing the rain falling on the roofs and we'll hear the tropical-like downpours. heavy rain and hear gusty winds, as well. 6:00, still seeing rain falling to the south and east and then as we go throughout the daytime hours of sunday, we clear out nicely. sunshine later on sunday but look what happens in the afternoon. that sunshine might pop a couple more storms on sunday by 6:00 and even seeing some closer to the shore by 8:00. so future rain as we go throughout time here by 12:00,
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eseeing the potential for anywhere from one to three inches of rain and that's why we're expecting some flooding in some spots. tonight, bring the umprelbrella out. going to be warm and going to be humid and that is going to help these heavy rains and thunderstorms. by tomorrow, early heavy rain. it ends in the morning and then brightening skies in the afternoon. your father's day plans you may want to eat inside for breakfast. lunchtime doing good. dinner we're going to see scattered storms as well. going to be a hot one. 8 to 91. seven-day forecast. 90 tomorrow. by monday we're looking at mostly sunny skies, 91. 93 on tuesday. a stretch of very hot weather. sunny and hot on wednesday but at least we're dry. breezy and just 81 on friday. look at saturday chance for showers, 79. in south jersey an effort to protect children by giving them free i.d.s. the burlington city police department teamed up for operation safe kids. children 12 and under got
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fingerprinted for live scan child i.d. cards which their parents can use to help track them down in an emergency. hey, coming up in sports the nba draft is just days away. hear from the sixers front office on their mindset regarding the third overall pitch. plus philly's pitching continues to struggle. one of the team's arms says it's not quite as bad as it seems. we're right back. mmmmmm yoplait! ♪ oh! good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait!
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this is the xfinity sports desk. your home for the most live sports. hey, there, i'm danny pommellis. the phillies send aaron harang. it's up over 6 in his last five. cardinals, meanwhile, scored 12 runs on 16 hits last night.
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justin gave up half of those runs in just two innings. 5-4-1 e.r.a. this seizeasonseason. when he says the numbers don't tell the whole story. >> i actually think right now, aside from the numbers, i'm actually throwing the ball better than i did last year. i really believe that. i'm not going to change a thing. things are, like i said, as far as executing pitches and being ahead in counts and throwing my pitches for strikes and knowing where i want to throw them it's there. >> letfty adam morgan will make his debut. the 25-year-old will replace the injured jerome williams in the rotation. morgan 0-6 with a 4.74 e.r.a. in seven starts at triple a. alex rodriguez joined the 3,000 hit club last night with a home run. even though it was in yankee stadium, he's not getting the ball back. the fan that caught it said he's
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keeping it and will join quite a collection. he caught more than 8,000 baseballs and even wrote a book about the topic. donated $100,000 the fammoles offammole s s of the nine victims. richardson sent $10,000 to each family for funeral costs and another 10,000 as a memorial honoring the victims. closer to home malcolm jenkins held his next level football camp today. serves more than 400 kids at his alma mater. football drills and learned about health and wellness from jenkins who came by his talents pretty naturally. >> this is a role i've always naturally kind of fell into an older brother of three and i've been a captain on every team i've been on and i think it really just goes to my work habits and people see the way i approach the game. and there's something that they look up to. so, i don't mind that.
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to basketball now, the nba draft is thursday. the sixers have the third overall pick and five second rounders. scott o'neil was on yesterday to talk about the draft. >> five second round picks, which are great, and hopefully you get the diamond in the rough. you saw jeremy grant come out of no where for us last year. hopefully one or two guys that come out of the second round. but the focus is on the third pick. but we're happy with where we are. it's been, talking to you guys before, the two years are behind us, which is really nice. now we get to build. between the third pick this year, dario looks everything we thought he was. >> any chance he plays for the sixers this year? >> who knows. hopefully. that could be wonderful. and then the four number ones next year. the foundation. everything we talked about is actually coming it's here. we're ready to go. you still have trades and free agency. the next three years are going to be exciting and fun. to the u.s. open jordan
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speith just took the lead. jason jay, though who collapsed on the final hole yesterday is playing today day has battled the eeffects of vertigo for several years. he managed to finish out the hole and looked unsteady doing so. one final note to pass along max scherzer just threw a no-hitter against the pirates. keith, back to you. >> oh, so close. thank you so much. how about this now. a vietnam veteran got a much-needed surprise today. listen. >> god is good. nbc 10 and motor car makeovers in blue belt montgomery county this afternoon where a newly restored handicapped accessible van was donated to larry scott of philadelphia. the 67-year-old navy airman recently underwent spinal surgery that left him a
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paraplegic. the van will allow him to visit his four children, 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. that van can fit his whole family. >> for nbc 10 news i'm keith jones and michelle grossman. have a good night.
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on this saturday night, the mind of a killer. a hate-filled website is uncovered with links to the accused charleston shooter. what may have motivated the deadly rampage. a firefight through drought-stricken california. firefighters battle a blaze very much out of control. freefall. heart-stopping moments after two sky divers collide in midair. a parachuter plummeting to the ground as spectators look on >> a look at the new face of start-ups in this country. "nightly news" begins now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight willie geis


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